Padouk Blank


Natural Wood Blank.

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We chose the best natural wood and prepared it in convenient 100x60x40mm blanks, ready to work with.

Albeit not being stabilized, our wood has a very dense grain and can be worked with in its natural state, some of the wood species we offer can't even be stabilized!

You will find all the pictures of our currently available wood blanks here:


The blanks might have some natural hollows and imperfections which can be filled with CA glue or ignored for a more raw look. 

All our blanks are already squared.

We don't take any responsibility if the wood is worked improperly (for example in the case of walls too thin on your project where the wood will break etc.).

We accept custom orders with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces per wood species, you can choose the size you will need and we'll try to satisfy your request; just write us an email with your inquiries at:

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