Probably the safest mosfet board on the market!

All the boards are made in Europe and assembled in Italy by us to provide the best quality possible.

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The LabFet by Steelabs is a mosfet board made with user safety in mind, it has innovative features and many protections to achieve such goal:

  • Output short circuit protection.

  • Over temperature protection.

  • “Smart battery” protection.

  • Reverse polarity auto-adjust (battery orientation doesn't matter, it works either ways)

  • Undervoltage protection.

  • Puff time limit (with locking protection).

  • 5 clicks lock-unlock.

  • Automatic sleep mode.

  • RGB led for clear user feedback.

  • Polyurethane conformal coating

It also comes with mounting tabs for screws for ease of assembly, which are removable if needed. An optional cradle for flush mounting is available as an accessory for those who don’t want to use screws but still want to mount the board securely and level.

It ensures an optimal output power delivery thanks to its very low resistance across the power stage.

A detailed presentation is available on Facebook: it's called Mosfet Week:

Day 1 (Manufacturing)Day 2 (Safety)Day 3 (Inverted Polarity)Day 4 (Testing)Day 5 (Soldering)Day 6 (Coating)Day 7 (Assembly)

Please read the manual available for download below before purchase.

IMPORTANT: this product WILL NOT be covered by our warranty policy if it’s already been soldered to. Please check board functionality before soldering it. 

Also mind that the applied conformal coating is pretty much useless if you don't coat solder joints as well. You can do it by yourself after the soldering process using this recommended product.


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