Steelabs has a clear goal: to provide e-cig producers with high quality vape components. 

Our team strives to bring to the market fresh ideas and innovative concepts: Steelabs components should indeed make the difference in a mod.

In order to achieve our goals, when we design parts such as 510 connectors, battery tubes, mosfet boards, and much more, we always try to find solutions to those problems producers have been experiencing. This is the reason why our community is of utmost importance for us: any feedback on our products or any need producers express to us is really going to help us in the process of finding great solutions. 

We love our community back, so we are trying to set up a library with both guides and free 3D models. A complete collection of the basic skills, in layman terms, for hobbyists and producers to help them enhance their skills. 3D models are going to be shared for people who want to start with something easy.

Steelabs keywords:

  • COLLABORATION: we badly need customers feedback to provide a great service and relevant products.
  • INNOVATION: Steelabs products aim to be world class components. They should make the difference.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: clients come first. We want to provide a great service and communication.
  • COMMUNITY: growing an active community for sharing ideas, mutual help, learning skills, find open source files etc...
  • QUALITY: from product images to the packaging, we simply won't accept any compromise on quality.